Council gives townhome project OK to move forward

The townhome project on Nevada Highway is moving forward, as City Council members approved its tentative map during their meeting Tuesday.

Randy Schams of BCMHP LLC is developing the 65-unit townhome subdivision at the site of the old trailer park. City Council granted the approval with conditions that deal with parking and access to proposed subdivision.

Residents had expressed concerns about parking being allowed on the portion of Yucca Street that bends at Cedar Street, as it can become crowded. Mayor Rod Woodbury agreed with their concerns and asked for a condition of no parking on that portion of Yucca Street, at least temporarily until the effects of the future Interstate 11 are seen.

Ray Fredericksen of Per4mance Engineering &Consulting said the latest plans for the project include no parking on that portion of the street.

The other condition dealt with secondary access to the subdivision. Currently, Schams is attempting to secure ownership of two strips of land that separate the east boundary from Madrone Street, which would provide a secondary emergency access to the property. (Read More)

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